About Us

Herbaceous Border in front of homeHi, my name is Gordon Vlas and I entered the landscape maintenance industry in 1987. After four years of working as a crew hand on residential and commercial jobs doing mowing, trimming and pruning, I began All Season Spraying Inc. with the encouragement of my employer. By this time I had a good foundation on the principles of maintaining a property and understood the need for pest management to keep trees and shrubs healthy and control weeds. The business and knowledge of plant problems and remedies has grown steadily. Assessing, diagnosing plant problems for insect and disease, and offering solutions makes for a gratifying day. I enjoy the outdoors and the opportunity to work on properties to help enhance its appearance bringing years of experience with the plants and pests that are in the Northwest.

Personal: Grew up in Lynden, attended Lynden Public Schools and currently live in North Bellingham
Married to Allyson Vlas
Attend Cornwall Church
Enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking, a little golf and believe it or not, working on my own yard!