natural green background with selective focus . ladybugAll Season Spraying is in its 24th year serving all of Whatcom County.

Services include:

  • Fruit/Ornamental trees and shrub health
  • Weed/moss Control
  • Vegetation Management
  • Field Spraying
  • Pruning and shaping in fall and winter
  • Clean up of debris

All Season Spraying uses a Integrated Pest Management approach to managing plant problems. A complete inspection is done of the site. Cultural methods are explored and implemented in conjunction with spraying to obtain the desired results. Organic materials are used whenever possible for safety.

For best results, sign up for a preventative maintenance program. Leave it to All Season Spraying and we will take care of your plants automatically at the right time before problems get started. No worrying about when to call.

Estimates/consultations are free.